Lingerie For Valentine’s Day

Ok girls, that day is approaching, the day you used to dread as a teenager, would you get any cards, any presents or even get lucky? Yes girls you have guessed it, that’s February 14th. For those who need reminding it’s Valentines Day! And not only do we want chocolates, candles and romantic meals, we also want and need some beautiful, sexy lingerie. I am talking sexy underwear which will wow your man and have him begging you for more and more.

If you are anything like me you want your Valentines Day to go off with a bang, but you need to think carefully about what you want to wear and the impression you want to make, some like a corset, some like a thong, some even prefer – dare I say it – the Bridget Jones style of pants. Whatever floats your boat girlfriend!

Sexy lingerie can make you feel so good about yourself and if you feel good on the outside then when you are getting down and dirty I bet you will feel more than good on the inside, if you get my drift! There is so much choice out there that it can get confusing. I say choose a style you like, a look you like, a colour and just go with it. I am sure your man will be more than happy with your choice and if he is anything like my man it won’t be on you long anyway!

I myself like a corset, in black, they nip you in at the waist and you can have a nice dipped back to show of the sexy nape of your neck. A lot of men find this area particularly erotic. Sexy underwear is a personal choice though and you must find what you feel comfortable in. Valentines Day is my favourite time of the year and since I started paying such attention to my underwear my husband has never been happier!

So girls set the mood and when that special day comes around, light those candles, dim the lights, get that special number on, perfect your make up and position yourself looking as sexy as possible. Who wants all that sexy underwear sat in the drawer with nobody to look at it. Get it on, look stunning, feel great and get ready for the ride of your life!